Moto Morini One-Off is not just a catalogue of accessories from which to draw upon, it is also a new company department that extends the possibilities for customization of the Morini models, without limits to the imagination of those who want their own custom bike. But with an important advantage: the custom-made bikes by Moto Morini One-Off are type approved, thus conforming to standards. The launch of this department follows the current trend in the motorcycle market for increasingly distinctive and personalized vehicles, a path already taken by the manufacturers of the finest luxury cars in the world.

The main problem with custom motorbikes lies in combining aesthetic requirements with an observance of the Highway Code: often, even small changes can interfere with aspects or components that would make the bike fall outside approval requirements, making it no longer compliant. In many countries – including Italy – this can result in stiff penalties and the impossibility of riding the motorcycle on the road. And, in the case of some interventions that do not allow for restoring the bike to its original state, one is left with an unusable vehicle. Unless…

With the help of Moto Morini engineers and designers, combined with the additional external support of skilled craftsmen, you can redesign your chosen bike and build it according to your desired specifications. The staff of the One-Off department are on hand during this phase, allowing you to create your own motorcycle without losing the handling characteristics that distinguish every Morini. Subsequently, prior to delivery to the customer, the vehicle will receive new Type Approval.

The first example produced by the One-Off department was a Scrambler 1200, redesigned according to the tastes of its owner. It features unique graphics using a dramatic camouflage-effect, a new handmade fairing in brushed aluminium, an exhaust system with black ceramic finish, a coloured chassis with graphics on the petrol tank and side covers, “drag bar” style handlebars, a rear Mupo single shock absorber with white spring, a minimal front mud guard, a new Brembo front braking system with radially mounted callipers, Continental knobby tires, a custom license plate, and “bar-end” mirrors. Furthermore, additional components were chosen from the Rizoma catalogue, a company with which Moto Morini has formed a partnership in order to offer its customers components carrying the historic Eagle logo. All with type approval. To make this custom Scrambler 1200 even more unique, the owner wanted on the left side of the petrol tank the traditional Corsarino logo that embellished some of the Morini bikes during the sixties and seventies.

This first motorcycle was exhibited on the Moto Morini stand at EICMA, then the owner collected it to start riding it on public roads without worries. The One-Off department is available to customers who want to create a custom Morini motorcycle, using as a starting point any new model with type approval. Because no Moto Morini is exactly like any other.