In January 1937, the Secretary of State for Corporations authorized the Bologna-based company “Ditta Morini Alfonso” to start constructing motorcycles and three-wheeler vans. And so it was that Alfonso Morini (born in 1898) opened his company: he was a skilled mechanic but also a fast rider, who by 1927 had already conquered six world records on the track at Monza riding a motorcycle of his own design. 80 years have passed since that decree in 1937 making Moto Morini one of the oldest Italian motorcycle companies still in business.

Our history starts with the first T125, to continue with the 175 Settebello “Short Rods” bike on which Giacomo Agostini rode his first race, followed by Sbarazzino 100 and Corsaro 125, through to the legendary Morini bikes of the 1970s, such as the 3½ powered by an amazing twin-cylinder engine designed by Franco Lambertini, the man who is also behind the current Bialbero 1200 CorsaCorta at the heart of today’s range. Moto Morini is proud of its numerous successful models and sporting victories; today this inheritance allows the company – founded in Bologna and now based in Trivolzio in the province of Pavia since 2014 – to offer a wide and versatile range, produced by means of traditional methods while meeting industrial standards. The reliability of our motorcycles is well-known among Moto Morini enthusiasts, due to our exacting quality controls on all components and the hand-crafted assembly carried out by our own technicians, some young and well-trained, others veteran employees of the company.

The relaunch of the Moto Morini brand – which is now coming to fruition – has been demanding and has taken time, but is now showing concrete results, such as the first completely refurbished model, the Corsaro 1200 ZZ presented at EICMA 2016. On this basis, at the Motor Bike Expo in Verona (20-22 January) a limited edition bike will make its début, the Corsaro80, which celebrates this important anniversary. A fascinating and exclusive motorcycle, created with prestigious materials, such as the hand-wrought aluminium of the fuel tank and the carbon used in the superstructures, the wheels, handlebars, brake and clutch levers. A model that will be built in a limited edition of only eight examples, one for each decade in the life of the Moto Morini brand. Each bike will be identified by a sequential number from 1 to 8 and, on request, by the owner’s name. The Corsaro80 was created by the Moto Morini One-Off workshop, a department that creates unique specimens on demand to customer specifications, factory-built special bikes that conform to standards: in fact, if any requested changes make the bike fall outside type approval regulations, we will apply for a type approval certificate extension so the bike can circulate freely without risk of penalties or other problems.

Underneath the new wrappings designed for the Corsaro80 – lighter, hand-crafted and essential – there is the Corsaro 1200 ZZ with all the qualities that the world of bike enthusiasts will discover out on the road next spring. A powerful and robust engine, even more precise chassis and the perfect electronic equipment to have fun riding the bike while leaving the pleasure of controlling it to the rider. A motorcycle that is 99% Italian in its components and hand-assembled in the Moto Morini factory. Ready to ride into the next 80 years of the brand’s life.